Aspiring to something better for music as an Art and work-environment
In today's world, on the way of a talented young person to become a successful musician, not only a solid technical education is important. The ability to express one's own musical idea through one's own interpretation and then to back it up with a sound knowledge of music, the promotion of social skills and the ability to communicate, to convey the meaning of music to the outside world not only through playing but also through language, are becoming increasingly important.
Therefore, we attach great importance to the teaching participation of each member. Everyone takes an active part in the rehearsals, or even as an observer of a lesson. It is obviously a responsibility that improves the learner in the particular subject or situation. Equal participation is one of our principles, as well as understanding and cooperation.
But how might such a platform impact the professional music system to support a healthy and fair pyramid that is the foundation for diverse musical brilliance?
In an environment of inclusion and diversity, we share our experiences with students and young professional musicians and take their concerns and efforts very seriously.
Beginning with small but bold steps, over time we explore myriad possibilities and hone our imaginations in tune with the collective consciousness.
A movement based on time, understanding and collaboration.